Masterbatch Solutions for Plastics

Uniform Color Company (UCC) manufactures high quality, custom color and additive masterbatches for the plastics industry. In markets where color control and consistency are critical — automotive, furniture, appliance, cosmetics and housewares — we are a preferred supplier, known for precision color, technical expertise and outstanding product performance.

Markets & Solutions

Color matched auto tailight


Color matching building materials

Building & Construction

Appliance color matching


Color matched packaging


Color matched medical supplies


Molded-In Color Capabilities

Paint Replacement


Purge Products


Color mastering and color harmony services

Color Mastering and Program Management

Brand Owners and OEMs trust UCC to build and maintain their color master standards.

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Paint replacement with molded in color

Paint Replacement with Molded in Color

Eliminate painted plastic with molded in color and effects.

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White Plastic Color Pellets

NEW! Purge Products: Liqui-Purge and UCClean

Change Color Faster.

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Liquid Kolor Custom Color Masterbatches

Liqui-Kolor Custom Liquid Masterbatches

Liquid Dispersions and Metering Equipment Support

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Color Matches Chips

Cost Savings Calculators

Use our online cost comparison tools

Determining if switching from pre-colored resin or which color masterbatch is more cost effective can be challenging. The calculators below can help determine the cost savings associated with a conversion from pre-colored resin to masterbatch plus natural resin or to aid in the comparison of two different color masterbatches.

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Doing our Part

The Audia family of companies is committed to the greater good. That means offering products that make life better and working to build a more sustainable future. At Uniform Color Company, Washington Penn Plastic, Southern Polymer, Audia Elastomers, and Audia Liqui-Kolor™ Solutions we believe that by working together with our co-workers, our customers, and our suppliers that we will deliver on those commitments.